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Lighting is one of the most difficult design concepts to understand. Light is all around us but we cannot touch or feel it, and yet it is responsible for all that we see; without light we perceive nothing. Good lighting stems from an understanding of the balance between light and shade. In simple terms, lighting is the presentation of space. If used skillfully, it provides the final invisible touches to your design. Artificial lighting thrown onto the surfaces of a room from different heights and angles will change its apparent dimensions. It can emphasize height, structure and materials, and become almost an architectural element itself.
kitchen lighting information


Kitchen lighting requires a flexible scheme because a kitchen is often the centre of family life, as well as being the place for cooking and preparing food. Task lighting in a kitchen is as important as are the general lights. Usually there are two main lighting types in a kitchen: under cupboard and a central island. Under-cupboard lights normally falls into two categories: tungsten striplight and low-voltage. The most effective and attractive kitchen lighting technique is to use recessed downlights arranged regularly with wide beam lamps.

bedroom lighting information


Lighting in bedrooms requires effective task light which is necessary for night-time reading and around dressing tables. The general light needs to adapt to every requirement of the changing seasons: on a dark winter morning, low-voltage bright lights will provide early risers with a feeling of get-up-and-go.

When the general and feature lights are decided, the task lighting must be considered. For a dressing table, you will achieve the most flattering facial light by placing lights either side of the mirror. It is important that the shades are not coloured so that a natural light will be thrown onto your face.

bathroom lighting information


Lighting in a bathroom usually excludes much natural light. Bathroom lighting design needs to complement the style of the room and be flexible enough to change from bright and invigorating in the morning to a softer, more subdued ambience for evening baths. Llocation is crucial partly because of the potential safety hazards, but also because many of the bathroom surface finishes are very reflective. Crisp, low-voltage halogen bathroom lighting reflects particularly well off these surfaces, and its success has given rise to a range of new bathroom lighting techniques.

Lighting living room info


Lighting must adapt to suit different moods or functions in rooms that are in regular use throughout the day and evening. Success depends on the general, feature and task lights working in harmony, in the same way that fabric colours and textures are chosen as part of the interior design. The solution you choose will depend on your style of decoration.
By varying the levels of these individual effects, and by using different combinations, you can create both dramatic impact and the perfect light setting for every activity. Whether your living room is traditional or contemporary, the lamps should be an integral part of the design, offering discreet solutions, which are flexible enough for every activity requiring lighting .

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